Discovering Comfort and Coolness with Sun Kool

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Discovering Comfort and Coolness with Sun Kool


Nestled in the beating heart of Florida, Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc., established its roots to bring comfort to every home across Leesburg, Lady Lake, Summerfield, Ocala, The Villages, and beyond. As a premier HVAC Company, Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. took on the grave task of battling Florida’s sweltering heat, and transformed it into an ambition to birth cool, tranquil havens in the midst of summer.

The journey began in Leesburg, spreading its wings across Summerfield and reaching over to Ocala. Tackling every AC repair and installation with skilled problem-solving and unmatched dedication, Sun Kool quickly turned into an expert AC contractor across Wildwood.

As temperatures climbed higher, so did our ambitions. Venturing into the charming community of The Villages, we weren’t merely an AC repair and installation service. We were comfort-givers, bringing relief from the relentless heat.

In a world constantly on the move, Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. understood the importance of stillness. Of coming home to a soothing breeze. Of transforming houses into sanctuaries. That is the magic of a reliable, strategic cooling company. And for a people that deeply cherish the cool respite, we are, and forever shall be, Sun Kool.