Chills and Thrills with Plunge into Comfort

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Chills and Thrills with Plunge into Comfort


Exhausted from the Tuscon summer heat, and tired of feeling like baked bread at your own home in Catalina? Fasten your seatbelts because Temperature Control, Inc. is here to turn the tide with its world-class plumbing and air conditioning services!

In the heat of Tortolita and under the sun in Casas Adobes, our AC installation services work like the North Pole’s frosty cousin. Don’t sweat it! If it doesn’t cool you down, well, you can name our mascot penguin!

We’ve got the Catalina Foothills’ back too! This is for those decisive souls who’ve decided to retire their antiquated heaters and give them the old ceremonial Viking funeral. Why bear with the breakdowns when our furnace repair services can get the job done quicker than you can spell H-V-A-C!

Get ready, Flowing Wells! Grab your coats ‘cause the heat is about to drop. Or rise. Because at Temperature Control, Inc, we’ve got this knack for making the weather kneel down to our whims. Well, the inside weather. Your comfort at a tap of a button, remember the name and dial it in – Temperature Control, Inc.