Essential Tips for Maintaining Your AC System & How Turner & Schoel Can Help

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Essential Tips for Maintaining Your AC System & How Turner & Schoel Can Help


Similar to any equipment, your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to continue working smoothly. If you thought AC maintenance was all about AC service in Northport, AL, or AC replacement in Tuscaloosa, AL, it’s time to reconsider. There’s a lot more to air conditioning than meets the eye.

Proper Cleaning and Regular Checks

The first tip is to always keep your air conditioner clean. Over time, dust and debris may accumulate inside the system, leading to lower performance and efficiency. While cleaning your AC might be something you could do, it’s generally a good idea to hire professionals, like the experts at Turner & Schoel Inc, who offer AC service in Northport, AL, and Cottondale, AL.

Regular checks on your air conditioning system can prevent major issues from surfacing. Simple inspections such as checking for refrigerant leaks, measuring the airflow through the evaporator coil, and verifying the correct electric control sequence are a few things that can save you from an uncomfortable situation, especially during the hot season.

24 Hour AC Repair Samantha, AL

Perhaps the worst thing that could happen in the heat of summer is your air conditioner breaking down, leaving you sweltering in your own home. Fortunately, Turner & Schoel provide 24 Hour AC Repair in Samantha, AL. With this service, they ensure that help is always nearby and you aren’t left dealing with these issues on your own.

Sometimes, repairs might no longer be the most cost-effective solution, especially for very old or damaged systems. When that’s the case, it’s typically better to consider AC Replacement in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Opt for Professionals for AC Installation

Homeowners might be tempted to try AC installation by themselves to save on costs, but this isn’t advisable. AC Installation requires careful sizing, fitting, and looking at energy-efficiency that only professionals can handle best.

Turner & Schoel, Inc has earned a reputation as a trusted AC service provider. Their continued commitment to delivering excellent service has made them a perfect choice for AC service, replacement, and installation. Make your AC maintenance stress-free by leaving your AC needs in the hands of the professionals.