A Day in the Life at Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc

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A Day in the Life at Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc


As I wipe the fog off my window and gaze out onto the Floridian landscape, another day at Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc begins. My daily tasks as an HVAC technician mainly revolve around helping our esteemed clients with services such as furnace installation in Oxford and Summerfield, and delivering top-notch air conditioning service to The Villages and Ocala

A Hearty Good Morning

After a refreshing cup of coffee and a brief chat with colleagues, I grab my toolkit and head off to my first assignment – a furnace installation in Oxford, FL. Ensuring customer satisfaction through skills and unmatched service quality is a part of Sun Kool’s ethos, that I am proud to represent.

Morning Task – Furnace Installation

Installing a furnace requires meticulous attention and precision. Our customers rely on us to get them through the chilliest of days. It’s this sense of responsibility and commitment that stays with me throughout the installation process. Post-installation, I often find myself educating clients about the importance of routine furnace service in locations like Wildwood, to elongate the lifespan and amp up the efficiency of their heating systems.

Mid-Day Switch to AC Service

After a short lunch break, I switch geographies, from Oxford to The Villages. My task list now requires me to provide comprehensive air conditioning service. Florida has a notorious reputation for its scorching heat and trust me, relief comes in no better form than a well-serviced AC. At Sun Kool, we pride ourselves on being the bearers of this relief!

Final Hustle for The Day – HVAC Repair

The last leg of my day usually involves HVAC repair and sometimes, furnace contracting work across places like Lady Lake. Maintaining the performance of HVAC systems, with all their complex components working seamlessly together is a challenging but rewarding responsibility.

As the sun sets painting the Florida sky in hues of orange and pink, my workday draws to a close. The rewarding exhaustion seeping in, the seen smiles on our client’s faces and the difference we make in their lives – everything makes every day a ‘cool’ day at Sun Kool Air Conditioning Inc.