A Day in the Life of a High Altitude Heating & Air Employee

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A Day in the Life of a High Altitude Heating & Air Employee


Imagine starting your day with a piping cup of Joe, the hum of a reliable truck under you and the satisfying prospect of delivering comfort and warmth to families in Geo 2, Geo 1, and Geo 3. That’s a regular day for those of us at High Altitude Heating & Air.

Early Mornings with HVAC Installation

Our day kicks off with HVAC installations most mornings. We organize our supplies — ensuring we have every screw, washer, and mount we need — then head out to our first appointment. The true beauty of the day really starts when the sun starts to rise as we hit the road.

Once on-site, we meet with the homeowner, discussing their needs and any particularities of the installation. Each space is different, and every client has their unique requirements. Achieving customer satisfaction is a gratifying experience.

Efficiency and Satisfaction in Heater Replacement

The afternoon swiftly swings into heater replacements. The process consists of removing the existing unit and positioning the new one. It’s a routine we’ve got down to a science. The most rewarding part of these appointments is seeing the relief on a client’s face when they realize they’ll have a warm, comfortable home once again.

Moving from job to job, weather changes become apparent as we cross from Geo 2 to Geo 1 to Geo 3. An intricate dance takes place between the HVAC contractor and Mother Nature, a lovely mix of indoor and outdoor work that keeps us fresh.

Fulfilling Furnace Repair

The latter part of the day is usually dedicated to furnace repairs. Like detectives arriving at a scene, we set out to diagnose the issue, locate the problem, and fix it. Each repair is a new challenge, a puzzle to be solved. It’s a gratifying task that goes beyond technical skills; it’s about restoring comfort and security to a family’s home.

Such is the day in the life of a High Altitude Heating & Air employee—filled with hard work, satisfaction, and the joy of making households more comfortable. Whether it’s installing a new HVAC system, replacing a heater, or restoring a non-functioning furnace to its former glory, our job is all about making your day a little warmer.